With all the storms in the world, I have a new revised energy to start blogging about the environment, and other issues that are impacting the American family today.

I was deeply touched seeing the flooding disasters in Houston this year.  I know many people were devastated, and we need to reach out and help in every way we can.  I hope to raise awareness for Houston needs on this blog.  Then after that, the hurricanes.  It’s amazing what a year we’ve been through.

We could have been off fossil fuels years ago. Yet we still use dirty sources such as coal. oil, and gas.  I know it’s a big disruptor to switch, but it’s finally time.  I think people like Elon Musk have a vision for changing the world, and prove that you can do so in a way that makes a ton of money too!  I love how he named his electric car company after Nikloa Tesla, who may have actually invented something called zero-point energy (people still debate today).

Are we living through new weather patterns of Biblical proportions?  Some think so.  Anyway, I’m going to start researching and blogging from this point forward.  Be sure and follow me.